Today I begin a new adventure as a blogger. Although I love to write, I am not big on blogging but am taking a step out of my normal into something I’ve been told I should do to promote this website  🙂  So this is quite a big step for me!

My purpose for this first blog entry is to lay out my goals for the website, and for Be Identified Marketing as a company. Eventually, I would love to start writing tutorials on graphic design, and even begin selling vectors, actions, brushes, and more right here at But more than that, I want to encourage others who are interested to take the leap and start a business of their own!

When I first founded Be Identified Marketing it was because I was working toward being a “work at home” mom, so I could stay home and raise my son. Very shortly after getting into freelance design work, through a series of events, I found myself without my steady part-time job I had been working at for the past three years (many hours of which my wonderful boss allowed me to work from home). And knowing I wanted to stay home with my son and had been working toward that, plus having no degree (at the time), it really did not make sense for me to get another job. So that was it! I had to make it work. I opened Be Identified Marketing as a business and just prayed in the jobs. And they came! Truth be told, it was stressful and I was unsure at times, but God has always provided and He brought me way beyond where I ever thought I would go with this! Over the past couple years, my vision for Be Identified Marketing has grown and developed into a picture I can actually imagine now, and I want to encourage everyone else out there, if you are contemplating starting a business of your own, don’t hesitate any longer! Please don’t quite your day job if you rely on the income, but do start working toward your dreams! You can do it!

I will try to resist making each of my blog entries into a novel (really, I do love to write and could do it all day!), so I’m going to end this one here. But please keep an eye out for future posts and always feel free to contact me via our Contact Us page. Or post your comments below. I look forward to hearing from you!